Gun Snot tm "GOLD" Paste Lubricant

The premier PTFE (as in <0.2 micron Teflon* powder) and PFPE (liquid Teflon)  based lubricant for precision and high performance firearms.  100% perfluorinated.  Contains NO Hydrocarbons

Suitable for any sliding, rolling or high load moving plate lubrication application.   Gun cleaning solvents will not wash it out of your AR-15 Trigger like Moly based lubes.

Use it to lubricate the INSIDE of your air cylinder, the part that contacts the air regulator O-Ring.  Use a tiny amount of paste on the O-Ring and a minimal amount of Liquid on the inside (female part) of the air cylinder that contacts the sealing ring.

Read the FAQ's !!

* PLEASE, If you do not know how to properly clean and or lubricate your rifle or pistol, PLEASE do not buy this product.  It is intended for the serious and/or advanced shooter and is not for the novice.  If You do not know what a sear is or where it is, please buy something else!

Will not separate.  No mixing or shaking required prior to use!  Will not harden with time or during long term storage.  Will NOT contribute to carbon build up in you gas operated weapon.    Meets or exceeds OEM requirements.  Exceptionally high load lubricant (>800Kg weld point).   

Perfect for your High Power, Precision compressed air rifles and Paint Ball, Precision smallbore rifles.

It is very important that the surface be clean of all prior lubrication before using Gun Snot.  

When used in conjunction with Gun Snot Liquid Lubricant, you can "adjust" the amount of slide and slip that YOU want versus what you are stuck with using other lubricants.

Contains enough lubricant to do two uppers and one lower on a typical M16/AR-15 or 9 air rifles.


Key Benefits

  • Wide Operating Temperature (-100 to 450F)
  • PTFE particles used are <0.2 microns in diameter, the smallest made.
  • Contains no hydrocarbons
  • Make your trigger feel 'smooth as butter'
  • No mixing prior to use like TW25 and others
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Totally perfluorinated unlike any other Teflon* Lubricants
  • High Load (>800kg)
  • Very high pressure lubricant - >800kg weld load
  • Totally perfluorinated unlike any other Teflon* Lubricant
  •  Superb Lubricant
  • Stays where you put it
  • Will not dry out like TW25 and others
  • Used  by the Top Shooter in the World as well as other nationally ranked Juniors. 
            They picked the best - Why not YOU??



Description SKU # Price
Gun Snot (5gm) GSPL-01 $10.00
Gun Snot Lube Kit GSLK-02 $20.00*



$3.85 each

* For a limited time, when you buy a Lube Kit we will throw in a Booger Buster FREE!!!


The Gun Snot Lube Kit includes:
1 x 5gm of Gun Snot Paste Lubricant
2 x Gold Diggers
2 x Trigger Diggers

(58k)  Gun Snot Paste Lubricant 

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