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Gun Snot Liquid Lubricant.

A totally perfluorinated liquid lubricant for the small hard to lube points on your trigger or in areas that require capillary action to get the lubricant into a bearing area.

Use it to lubricate the INSIDE of your air cylinder, the part that contacts the air regulator O-Ring.  Use a tiny amount of paste on the O-Ring and a minimal amount of liquid on the inside (female part) of the air cylinder that contacts the sealing ring.

Also useful to thin out Gun Snot Paste Lubricant when desired.  A 'Gotta Have" item for precision air rifles and smallbore triggers and bolts.

Key Benefits

  • No mixing prior to use like TW25 and others
  • Will not separate like TW25
  • Crystal Clear unlike TW25
  • Very high pressure lubricant - >500kg weld load
  • Totally perfluorinated unlike any other Teflon* Lubricants
  •  Superb Lubricant
  • Stays where you put it
  • Will not dry out like TW25 and others


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Gun Snot 
Liquid Lubricant
10 ml
GSLL-1 $10.00



$3.85 each

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