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'Trigger Digger' and 'Gold Digger'

A wonderful new line of applicators for applying Gun Snot to any surface on your rifle.  All Diggers have polymeric heads that do not leave fibers behind during the cleaning and re-lubrication process.

Key Benefits

  • Non-fibrous heads will NOT leave fibers behind when applying lubricant
  • The "Trigger Digger" is tiny enough to allow precise application of lube to delicate trigger points
  • No more wasting product by using your finger, toothpick or Q-Tip
  • Includes the Hand Dandy swabs for applying it in small amounts
  •     Unlike Q-Tips or pipe cleaners these will not leave any fibers on your firearm after use.
  • Cost effective
  • Re-useable


Description SKU # Price
Trigger Digger GSTD-01 $0.50
Gold Digger GSGD-01 $0.25



$0.32 / set


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