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Gun Snot™, a new rifle and pistol lubricant has the highest content of Teflon™ on the market today.  Over 95% of Gun Snot is perfluorinated material. 


Gun Snot was developed primarily for use in precision air rifles but has proven just as effective in AR-15’s.  Air rifles in effect are mini-diesel engines.  Take a volume of air, compress it, add fuel and it will ignite!   Great for your truck, not so good for the polymer seals in your air rifle.


Working with Matt Emmons, Gold Medalist for the US in Athens 2004 the development and sale of Gun Snot Paste and Liquid Lubricants were found to be ideal for precision fire arms.


Gun Snot Paste is very creamy containing Teflon™ particles are 0.2 microns in diameter.   A lot less than a human hair. Gun Snot Liquid is extremely thick which promotes staying power.  Gun Snot stays where you put it.


Key benefits of Gun Snot brand products include;

1                    No mixing before use

2                    Will not dry out if you lube and store your weapon for long periods of time

3                    It stays where you put it, migration is minimal

4                    Will not wash out of a trigger on the M-16 if you use bore cleaners or solvents

5                    Extremely high load carrying properties – perfect for your AR-15 trigger and bolt carrier.

6                    Compatible with virtually every component in your weapon of choice

7                    Will work on your Daisy 853 air rifle as well as it does on your best Jewel or CLE trigger job of your favorite Bushmaster

8                    A little goes a long way

9                    Will add a feel to your trigger and bolt that is unparalleled



Directions for Use:




Stuff You Need to Know:




What a Feinwerkbeau air rifle seal that used the wrong lubricant looks like when the rifle diesels.



A failed Daisy 853 air rifle seal that used the wrong lubricant.


There are two versions of Gun Snot; Liquid and Paste.  Use the liquid on small roller and hard to reach bearing areas.  Use the Paste on larger sliding and high contact point areas.   If you find that the ‘stiction’ of the paste on your bolt or bolt carrier is too high, just add a few drops on the paste lubricated bolt and ‘adjust the feel’ to exactly what you want.



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