About Us

Our Story

The idea for Gun Snot originated when our founder, Scott Shaffer met with a US Rifle Olympian in 2004.  Scott asked the simple question: "How can I help US Olympic Shooting athletes with their Olympic pursuits?"  A need was identified for an ultra-premium high performance lubricant product that would meet certain requirements.

First, there was a need for a lubricant that would allow the smoothest of trigger pulls, and consistent precise action in already highly precise Olympic-style style rifles.  This posed a rather significant challenge to accomplish a meaningful improvement in performance in rifles that already had some of the best performance and lightest most precise trigger pulls in the world.

Second, there was a need for this exceptional performance and feel to be consistent in various temperature conditions as well as throughout a competition where rifles temperatures can vary from start to finish.

Third, competitive air rifle posed an additional challenge due to very high pressures where conventional hydrocarbon lubricants will actually partially combust on seals with extreme pressure releases of the order of thousands of PSI.  This "dieseling" would cause seal degradation over time which could result in inconsistent results.  When you're trying to hit a dot the size of a ballpoint pen tip 60 times in a row in a competition, any inconsistency would be catastrophic.

As a degreed Chemical Engineer with decades of experience working with high performance lubricants, Scott was up to the challenge.  After six months of work, Gun Snot was born!  Not only that, but Gun Snot was developed into an advanced lubricating and protecting system including four Products.

In the years that followed, Gun Snot was used by Athletes who won 4 Olympic medals!

For some time, Gun Snot was a relatively niche product used in competitive rifle shooting circles.  Given such exceptional performance under extreme temperature variations, non-drying, never polymerizing characteristics, the Gun Snot team decided in 2021 upon a change in mission.

Our Mission is Simple:

We are seeking to bring our ultra-premium lubricant products to wide shooting sports and recreation market.  We want to ensure that your firearms will perform when you need it most, every time!