Posted by Scott S. on Feb 13th 2022

BETA testing of Gun Snot and how best to use it


we have been doing beta testing on the Gun Snot System.  It is too complicated for a typical shooter because they have lubricated their weapons the same way for decades (generations).  That is a huge hurdle to over come until you do it the way this firm is trying to explain what is a much better way to get the benefits without over doing it on on the lube.  We say "Dots not Lots" and that is the rub.  Lots to conventional lubrication experiences it looks like a normal amount of lube.

The issue is our stuff is non-combustible until you are OVER 365˚C which is not going to happen so what happens too much gun lubricant just collects tons of carbon (suppressed) versus your weekend shooter.  We designed this originally for Olympians that is 60 record rounds and maybe 30 more sighters.  We are not all Olympians and shooting 60 shots is not that stressful in any scenario when comparing lubes.

Therefore we are selecting a limited number of BETA testers (especially in the northern part of the US where the temperatures are sub zero in some cases).  Cycle time of the pistol or rifle is effected by the viscosity of the lube and we use the most linear and lowest temp curve.  

We know that at +15˚F is fine but that is BBQ temps for our northern clients.  The understanding of the viscosity Index shows there is no better perfluorinated base stock than we are using.  What will trip up a low temp test is the over application of the lube that becomes a carbon mag and the lube viscosity starts to increase.  With our new experimental spray of the lube, should make the lube experience similar and more identical to other users of various experience and greatly reduce product use. 

stay tuned..........