Posted by Scott S on Feb 13th 2022

GUN SNOT® attends Shot Show 2022 - Huge Success

We went to the #shotshow 2022 and it was fantastic!!  Attendance was lower then normal shows from i am being told but honestly we were slammed with people waiting to talk with you (thank You).

We introduced our product line and as usual there was a lot of demand for samples and so forth and those will be mailed this week.  One thing we discovered when we talked to existing users was that it is a complicated system to use.  GREAT feedback - do not tell us what you love other what could be better is the mantra.  Our 3 Beta testers groups loved it for pistol but high number of rounds in a .223 (500-1000 suppressed per day) really stretched the composition and more importantly the application thickness of the lubes.

As a result we are now testing a version of the lube that most likely will meet the gun CLP spec.  This is significant and several of you that we are sending samples this week will include an experimental package for 1) ease of use 2) degree of thickness you prefer and 3) can be cleaned with a patch and when you relube you will be able to remove the carbon.  We will will be doing a lot of range testing of several 100's of .223 in a suppressed mode where the carbon blow back is significant.  

Further we will change the package for the liquid because we are seeing people waste way too much of the liquid lube so we are excited to see what our beta tester groups will give as feedback especially in low temperature cycling issues.

We have a lot of new stuff and improvements we are working on, it is amazing - Stay tuned for the results of some serious range work here and in the Hinterlands.

Thanks for stopping and God Bless