Booger Buster

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This is a special material.  not only does it have fantastic protectant properties (amti- oxidation) but is also a lubricant.  It has passed 300 hours of salt water spray chamber (ASTM) test.  We are working on a new replacement that looks like it can take 2000 hours of saltater testing.  Sounds trivial until you reach for your weapon and you can see your finger prints from the last time you touched it.

it is also a protectant and a lubrication material.  Unlike the Gun Snot family it is a VOC, No PFIB, PFOA or BPA material.  It will give (usually) a sheen to your rifle and unprotected metal parts a shine and color explosition of the protective coating and it is spectactular in most cases.

We beieve that it can protect Your weapon despite how you use it.  This is out favorite product behind the Liquid but they do different functions.

This product is sold primarily by distributor so go to the Distributor page and select your favorite distributor for purchasing.