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                                                                      February 2022






            The objective of this document is an overview of the product line progression, how to use each product effectively and what are the dos and don’ts in using the product line.  Gun Snot® is a novel type of gun lubrication (disruptive technology) and deals with lubing everything from the barrel backwards.  We will talk about how to use the products and being so disruptive in the world of lubrication you cannot use it like other lubes you have used over the decades.  

In our beta testing and distributors usage, we see wildly varying results and how it is used versus a maybe a better way to use it.  

Lastly, we will talk about some packaging and make form changes to make application more uniform between users.  Because there is a very different application procedure between users concerns us, we are going to change packaging for some products, add some products and change application techniques


Product line:


            The product line is one that was originally designed for precision air and .22 rifle shooters in 2004 for the Athens Olympics and we did well.  At the time we had two core products – Gun Snot Paste (GS) and Booger Buster.  For the next 17 yrs. the product was only sold to local users dealing with AR15’s or any number of pistols and air rifles.


Gun Snot Paste – the original lubricant we sent to Athens for the Olympics including the Paralympics.  We had great success with that product line (several gold medals), but the line needed more so Booger Buster was introduced as a high-end antioxidant.

Booger Buster – this was the second product to the production Line.  It was Booger Buster.  It survived 312 hours in a saltwater vapor chamber @ 200˚F.  That is over 13 days! (ASTM D-2893).  We found the Booger Buster was so good in protecting the exposed bluing and oxide coating that have broken thru the coating on the metal and gave the treatment of the barrel and wooden handles that we almost called it Booger “luster” It is that good!!

For example, both pistols arrived from the Mfg. and this Distributor that took it upon himself to clean them before he released them to clients.  The first one was treated using a very well-known bunny lube and the second was treated with the Gun Snot System.  I don't know about you, but there is no comparison of what the client is going to pick to buy and expect to buy.

Recently they commented “still like the product .... tried it yesterday on an AR 15 .... it makes the upper / lower very nice as it slides against the buffer tube”

We agree with the distributor that there is no comparison between the two treatments. 

Also, it deserves comment – less is more and the GS system, that is a consistent theme. : Dots not Lots”.

Most users try to use GS like they did with Rem Oil or Hoppes (all fine lubricant and cleaning products) but Gun Snot just does not work that way.  Before you lube your weapon of choice is to make sure of any of the hydrocarbon residue that came from the factory or user used, which is an unknown by retail and professional distributors.  

That is why this Distributor that did a side by side on his own was so good.  We had zero influence on the test or the results that it was obvious after he invited us to see the products side by side.  It is a no question which one the client would want.  The YouTube videos is here

The next lubricant that we developed was GS Liquid.  Liquid is special in that it finds its way into the mag release or the safety release etc. – places that do not need 100% coverage with a typical lubricant 

We developed the liquid lube using a very high MW base and added an EP additive so that corrosion resistant is part of the package called GS Liquid.  The issue of the liquid is that unlike Rem oil it does not flow into spaces immediately rather over time.  There will be a further discussion on use of this later in this document.

How to and not to use it effectively:

            Gun Snot Gold is a product we developed for treating of tight locations.  Does it work – yes, but it is a step we will eliminate as you will learn later.

Next up was the use of trigger diggers. These were included to apply the GS paste particularly in the trigger.  The trigger Diggers are REUSABLE.  All you need to do is spray the foot of the digger with brake fluid and you have a new clean Digger.

We have yet to find someone that does not love the Trigger Diggers.  The rub is that they do not understand that they are polyester with Delrin shafts that can be cleaned and reused for a long time.  What is the alternative (a) they will try to use Q-Tips which leave fiber behind and cannot get to the same spots that Digger can get to with ease?  This is new and most people think once they get dirty you throw them away.  NO!  flush them off with brake cleaner (red can - $4+) and you can reuse these diggers.  They are not cheap.

The next progression of the system in 2022 

Upon beta testing and in field testing use we are adding and deleting products to the System.  The one that is obvious is the GOLD.  You can accomplish the same if not better then Gold using the DiggersPaste and Aerosol.  Diggers and paste we can put exactly the right amount of lubricant to the trigger without using a different product.  Most people do not understand that the GOLD requires that you roll them between your thumb and fore finger to make sure there is good mixing of the solvent and Lube.  Otherwise, you will get several grams of solvent out of the tube before you get to the lube.  Honestly you are better off using the Digger and the Paste to put lube where exactly you want it.

New Additions to the base system 

Based on feedback we are going to make changes to the product line 

1               Gun Snot Gold is not ideal as we would have expected.  No one’s fault, but it just confuses the process of lubing the trigger (see above)

2               Adding a 6” x 6” non fibrous wipe pad treated with Booger Buster to use to wipe down the weapon after a day at the range in its own package within the general package.

3               Increasing the number of Trigger Diggers to 5 per kit versus 2.  Remember that they are reusable after a flush with brake fluid (red – not green).  Not cheap.

4               The issue with cleaning prior to using the GS System is doing a thorough cleaning of the weapon using the Red Can of break cleaner or something similar, (contains trichloroethylene).

5               This last issue cannot be stressed any more than most. BEFORE you apply any of these lubricants you need to do a deep degreasing of the weapon using the Red Can of Brake cleaner (contains trichloroethylene).  This ensures that the old lube or OEM lubes are removed to make the GS system work to it ultimate ability by contacting the raw metal in the weapon.  Usually, one deep clean before using GS is needed.  Subsequent lubrication can be prepared using the Wipe to clean off the outer surface after a day at the range.

6               If you use Ultrasonics fantastic, we prefer 25 kHz, but 40kHz (most common), you only need to increase the time by about 25% to get the same cleaning level of a 25kHz system.



            We developed a ‘system’ for gun lubrication and the more people use it the more we learn.  We learned that Gold was a redundant product and that more Diggers are being asked for by users to apply Paste.   – Done 


            We will provide in the kit a 6” X 6” non-fibrous wipe to place Bogger Buster for the external parts of the gun before you clean the weapon between use. – Done


            GS Liquid – there is an issue where the current ‘Doe toe’ applicator.  It is wasting about 50%+ in product because of stiction to the applicator or that it will fall over on your work pad leaking out fluid.  We will provide a new bottle of liquid that will not tumble over and will not drag fluid out of the package unnecessarily.  It still has a point lube applicator that you can place the liquid to precisely where it is needed, that can then use the Digger to place it exactly where you need it. – Done.


GS Paste – Aerosol 

            We will provide the paste as a spray so that all the multiple users are applying the same amount as 10 of their favorite friends.  It ‘protects users from themselves’ as they tend to over lubricate a weapon. - Done


So, now is where the product are and where it is going.  We welcome critical input from users to help us further develop improvements to the line.




We are ready to hear back from you as to what you like and what you think is a better way to do something.


We are customer focused and your opinion will not be ignored – we want you to have the best lubrication system out there.


We are seeking CLP approved use and that is ongoing.  But once you do a deep clean (brake fluid) described prior, and application of the Gun Snot should easily meet the CLP Specification Mil-PRF-63460F


Thank you 

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