Paintball sporting does not require a lot of lube, but even though the velocity is about 300ft/sec. there are polymer seals and gaskets that need to be protected from 'Dieseling'.


So what is Dieseling?  It occurs when you take a large volume of air and compress it down and add fuel.  This causes an explosion that will damage the seals.  There is more on this under the Air Rifle section.  Regardless the life of your seals and gaskets will be longer using Gun Snot Liquid or Gold on those parts.  Again, "Dots not Lots"  More lube buys you nothing but carefully placed your 300 ft/sec Paintball gun will not diminish in velocity UNLESS (a) you use too much and (b) you forget to clean the gun with brake fluid (red can) prior to application of Gun Snot - whichever version you prefer.

 Paint Ball Lubricants by Gun Snot


Do not use Booger Buster on these seals as it is a hydrocarbon and is the 'fuel' you need for combustion.  Use either the Gun Snot® Gold (thinner version of Gun Snot) or Liquid Gun Snot.  These are not and do not contain hydrocarbons so they cannot be fuel.  You can use Booger Buster on the external parts of the gun, but only as a protectant from rust and salts from your hands or longterm storage.