Why Gun Snot - overall

Welcome to the Gun Snot® Family 

What you are looking at is the original gun lubricant formulation developed for and used by the US Olympic and Paralympic rifle teams in 2004! Today, Gun Snot® products are one of the most comprehensive line of lubrication solutions to help you improve the long-term performance of your recreation equipment including:

  • precision rifles and pistols.
  • fishing reels. 
  • Compound Bows.
  • And even more! 
  • Contains no PFOA’s, VOC’s*, or PCB’s.

 Before applying Gun Snot® GS lubricant products, roll the sealed tube several times between forefinger and thumb as there may be some separation in shipping.  Mostly with Gold because it contains a fluorinated solvent too thin it out, especially in triggers where heavy lubrication can change the pull force needed to break a shot.


There will be more detailed information on each product under the Products page for further use ideas and suggestions.


Gun Snot® (GS)

Pure: contains no thickeners or solvents which can leave carbon residue and degrade equipment.   Its contents are perfluorinated and a branch of the Teflon tree.

Easy to clean.  Simply wipe lubricated surfaces clean with brake cleaner or your favorite cleaner.  Our experience is that once you do a deep clean with brake cleaner to get down to the raw metal.  

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  you don't need to do this deep clean each time because the Teflon is in the nooks and crannies of the metal.  Wipe it clean with a non fibrous cloth and apply fresh Gun Snot overtop the remnants of the hand cleaning of the BCG or chamber.  

HOWEVER, the first clean is the most critical.  Wear safety glasses and do the cleaning outside so the solvent will evaporate quickly and get you back to where deep clean started.  Very much like a CLP lube.  It will seem like a lot of solvent, but you do not need to do that every time.

Use on any surface that slides, rolls, or rubs.  Best to test  to understand where the work of the lubricant is and where it does its work.  

DO NOT over use it - use 'Dots not Lots"so you are not wasting lube and creating a carbon magnet.  We have an experimental version of it that appears to work really well - but testing is still continuing.  We are signing up Beta users weekly.  Understanding where the points of work are being done is where you want to put a dot of lube on it.  Lubricating the entire interior will do you no good and in fact is an even larger magnet for soils.


Gun Snot® Gold (GS-G)

A thinner version of Gun Snot® GS, to help you apply just the right amount.

Specifically designed to lubricate moving parts like triggers, fishing reels. 

Can be further thinned out with Gun Snot® GS-L liquid 


Gun Snot® Liquid (GS-L)

Keep your equipment protected and lubricated during long-term storage.

Maintains viscosity so it won’t “wax up” or bind operation of moving parts over time (we mean years).

Excellent for thinning out Gun Snot® GS or GS-G.  The applicator can be a great source of loss of liquid and we are working on that along with the Doe Toe applicator and or the Trigger Digger


             Gun Snot® Booger Buster (GS-BB)

Resists corrosion and oxidation up to 800 hours of uncleared metal at 200˚F in a salt vapor chamber -- protects against “acid/salt hands” residue.

Great for black oxide coated metals (Luster is what some customers use for its name).

This is considered a VOC. 

Use after cleaning the weapon to protect exposed metal parts from oxidation, including inside the barrel after you cleaned it with your favorite system, to protect the lands and grooves.


Gun Snot® Trigger Digger Applicators (GS-TDA)

Use and re-use these fine polyester swabs to apply lubricant where you want.  Perfect for triggers to apply the exact amount in those tiny tight locations.  When a Trigger Digger becomes loaded with soil -clean it with Brake Cleaner (red can not the green) and you can reuse them.  Trust us - they are reusable with polyester and Delrin they are not cheap so re-use them 

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  • Booger Buster is considered a VOC