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Sling Snot 1000 and Sling Snot 2000
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Alex Shaffer, JSU team member
Shorelines Staff Photographer Gary Wilcox.
Photo courtesy PonteVedra Recorder, May 2006
Gun Snottm 

A superb paste lubricant for the moving parts of your rifles and pistols.  
We took a Great idea and made it better!!!

Booger Bustertm

A terrific rust preventative and liquid lubricant for the external parts of your rifles and pistols. 

Sling Snottm 1000

For the Sporter air rifle we bring the ultimate sling.  How many times has the coach had a shooter come to them with a nylon strap, missing the swivel and say "I can't figure it out".  We all have a spare box of safety pins readily available - right? We understood those problems.

HPS is Britain’s premiere target rifle supplies company.  They are proud to be the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of System Gemini equipment and Target Master ammunition.

can offer the fullbore and smallbore shooter a variety of products and technical support as they pursue their sport. From shooting mats to custom-built rifles, all products are expertly manufactured with quality throughout. With their experience both in the workshop and on the range, HPS should be your first stop for all your shooting needs.

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* PLEASE, If you do not know how to properly clean and or lubricate your rifle or pistol, PLEASE do not buy this product.  It is intended for the serious and/or advanced shooter and is not for the novice.  If you do not know what a sear is or where it is, please buy something else!


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    Gun Snot is totally AMAZING!!!!!!! I've never felt such a HUGE difference in smoothness.. whether in a precision trigger (Anschutz), a sporting trigger (Ruger 22/45), or a sticky bolt now smoothly moving. All felt like glass...or like a new puck on a new air hockey table... perfectly smooth. Wow! On the 22/45, the 4.75 lb trigger (with brand new TW25 lubricant) was transformed (clean with your cleaner, then apply Gun Snot Paste) to a 3.75 lb trigger that was *noticeably* smoother as well. Better living thru science!  (Georgia, USA)

    I tried the snot on my smallbore rifle trigger and it made a major difference!  I’m sure I could have won the match if my trigger had (been set up) better ;-)  The check is on its way.  (Tampa, FL)

    I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the effect Gun Snot has had on my F-Class rifle. The bolt runs nice and smooth, not juddering like before, and the accuracy is totally unaffected. I fired 50 rounds at Bisley last week and scored a bull with every shot, more than half of them being in the V-Bull, which was very pleasing (London, UK)




    I used GS paste (on an AR-15) as I would have used the TW-25, but in far smaller quantities (by half, at least) since the GS applies as a paste, not a thixotropic mixture. Usual suspect surfaces: bearing areas of the charging handle, bearing surfaces of the bolt carrier/gas key, cam pin, very light wipe on compression rings, light wipe on bolt bearing surface, back of each locking lug, sear primary and secondary, and lightly on the release surfaces once the sear breaks.
    Results? Noticeable decrease in operating drag when using charging handle. Bolt falls into battery under gravity power @ 45 degree angle. What small amount of creep in the second stage of the Jewel is essentially gone, very crisp release indeed now. (Florida, USA)
    I use it exclusively on the hinge of my 3200 Comp Skeet. It has excellent adherence properties and resists chemicals. I use Zero-Tri to clean and degrease stuff and it takes a lot to get the Gun Snot off. Also, a little goes a LONG way. (Ft Walton Beach)

    Just to let you know that both my shooting partner and myself have finished a strip-down and re-build of our M16's, using Gun Snot.  We both felt that the action of the trigger was noticeably smoother and the bolt seemed to cycle with a lot less friction.  The Gun Snot L1 {experimental TSI-301 offset} was superb following the re-build as it removed all grease marks from fingerprints along the barrel, whilst giving it an anti-rust coating.  Thank you for all your efforts developing some fantastic products for the shooting community.  (North Yorkshire, UK)


    The thing I LOVE best about Gun Snot is that it does not dry out like TW25.  I lubed my rifle over 6 months ago with Gun Snot and it is still as fresh as the day I did it! (Penna, USA).


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